"Life Can Be Like a Punch.."

... Right in the face, if you're lucky. Literally, my sister just punched me in the face over tweezers (long story), but I got this awesome bruise now so guess I can milk being injured or a bit, right?

So, after this mornings shinanigens, I decided it was a good time to get out of the house. Living with an eighteen year old can be hard, what was it i was saying in one of my previous blog posts? Treasuring the moments I have with my sister when we don't fight over stupid shit? Ha. It's so hard living with someone you don't get on with all the time, esecially when it's family, I don't know what goes through their heads, you think if they thought about their actions before realising the consequences, life would be more peaceful wouldn't it? If only it were that simple. I guess we're both as bad as each other.

A friend of mine came out for a walk with me in the end which made me feel a little better. Sat down, talked, then after everything and dreading going back home, eventually went back, and napped for most of the afternoon.

If I'm honest, I still have a headache now. Urgh.