Oh hai,

Today I did the most adult thing of my life. Finished and posted my DRO, finally its done, gone for however long it takes to be processed. I'll tell you know, and anyone who's put off something that stresses you out for so long will relate to this; the surge of relief I felt when I sealed the envelope was nothing like I've ever felt before. It's like I've done the first adult thing in my whole entire life that might actually benefit my future. It feels like I can finally start planning for things that I may actually be able to do next year, and the year after, etc. I've never been to any games conventions which is something I've wanted to do for years now, I'll (hopefully) have spare money in my bank so I wont have to worry about rent or my phone bill or if someone asks me to go out with them I wont have to worry about finding spare money for that. I just feel like I can actually start doing things I want to do regarding my future and where it's going; no one telling me what to do, or what to spend this on or I have to save x amount every month because I'm being told to. I can finally do what I want. Just the sooner this is processed the better, and I can't bloody wait.  

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