Coffee Time

Todays Coffee:
Vanilla flat white courtesty of Costa, and free because of the Wuntu app, yay! There's nothing better than free coffee so thank you very much Three.

What today has consisted of: 
Got out of bed at 2PM today with a sore throat and blocked nose. Joys of the colder season, I go all year with not getting ill once then BAM! I'm a breeding ground for germs. Urgh. I feel so unproductive, I have literally done nothing all day. It's nice to give myself a 'break' but the only things I have really done today was get out of bed, showered, painted my face and went out to get cat good. Sound fun? Eh. The only good thing out of today was the free coffee I got thanks to the wuntu app on my phone, woohoo! Oh, did I mention I got free pizza too? Because that was a thing too now apparently, although I managed to screw up my order and put it through four times by accident because the code wouldn't go through properly and the guy who was serving me just gave up and told me to just take the pizza..

Things that have made me happy today: 
Free coffee. Free pizza.

Look at the chickeny, cheesy goodness, urgh.

Things that have made me sad today: 
The lady who made my sandwhich in Subway put way too much mayo on my sandwhich and that did make me really sad. I also ordered my mums birthday present which should be here in six days. Her birthday is in four. Fucking typical.

Currently listening to:

Not really an interesting post today but thought I'd update you guys anyway on how lazy my day was.

My October Goals

Oh hai,

Happy October! I can't believe how quickly September has gone. It feels like only a couple of days ago I was turning 23, but I couldn't be happier as we roll into my favourite season, Autumn. After waking up on a rather sad looking Monday, it looks like sweater season is here and ready to stay. I'm excited for a new month to start, leaving the past in the past and so on. I've found a new love for my blog again with more inspiration than ever to write, and I've been super productive in my home life when I can be. I'd like to continue on like this throughout the month and enjoy as many seasonal festivities as possible.


  • Plan blog posts in advance, write down any ideas I get that I want to feature on this blog.
  • My little slice of the internet is in dire need of a re-design. I've had the same look and feel for the past two years and feel like it's time for a change. Here's hoping that happens in the new year.
  • Keep growing out my hair. My bangs are now at the "Why am I doing this" Stage. At least I can hide them with a hat.. Right?.
  • Touch up my liquid eyeliner skills.
  • Drink more water.
  • Relax - As if I'm not doing that enough already.

What are your goals? 

I've Been Thinking..

... Careful Laura, that's dangerous. You, thinking? Are you having a laugh?
Oh hai.

So you're probably thinking by the title, Oh god, here we go again, another lengthy blog post filled with words that she probably doesn't understant/know the meaning of. Well you're wrong! Ha!.. Well, sort of, I dunno, I've mainly been thinking about life in general. What I could change around me, things about myself that I could improve on, what flavoured oreos I want to eat. Important stuff, y'know?

Sometimes I get too lost in my thoughts, to the point where I'm staring into space, drooling, blinking one eye at a time, know what I'm saying? I've just been thinking about my future alot, where I'd like to be a few months from now, etc. I'd like to be in a somewhat stable job with stable income. Start to save for a little getaway somewhere; Typical think about the future stuff. This probably makes no sence at all, but it made sense in my head when I was typing it. Guess what I'm trying to say is I'm hoping my life in a few months time from now is at least five times better than it is now. Touch wood.

I should probably proof read blog posts. BUT I LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE BOYS TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME! HA!

P.S. Mint flavoured Oreos are the absolute bomb!

On The First Sunday Of October

Oh hai.

I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling very Autumnal today. How is it October already? It feels like only two days ago it was the begining of August, trying not to melt in the summer heat, now I'm trying not to freeze in the colder weather surviving in just cardigans.. Should probably invest in a Winter coat soon, right?

I honestly can't wait for it to get colder though, the nights seeping in earlier and earlier throughout the day and being able to just cuddle up in millions of soft blankets in bed and sipping on caramel hot chocolate and lots of Halloweeny type movies to watch endlessly. Bliss. 

Whats your favourite time of year and why? Let me know!