I've Been Thinking..

... Careful Laura, that's dangerous. You, thinking? Are you having a laugh?
Oh hai.

So you're probably thinking by the title, Oh god, here we go again, another lengthy blog post filled with words that she probably doesn't understant/know the meaning of. Well you're wrong! Ha!.. Well, sort of, I dunno, I've mainly been thinking about life in general. What I could change around me, things about myself that I could improve on, what flavoured oreos I want to eat. Important stuff, y'know?

Sometimes I get too lost in my thoughts, to the point where I'm staring into space, drooling, blinking one eye at a time, know what I'm saying? I've just been thinking about my future alot, where I'd like to be a few months from now, etc. I'd like to be in a somewhat stable job with stable income. Start to save for a little getaway somewhere; Typical think about the future stuff. This probably makes no sence at all, but it made sense in my head when I was typing it. Guess what I'm trying to say is I'm hoping my life in a few months time from now is at least five times better than it is now. Touch wood.

I should probably proof read blog posts. BUT I LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE BOYS TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME! HA!

P.S. Mint flavoured Oreos are the absolute bomb!