My October Goals

Oh hai,

Happy October! I can't believe how quickly September has gone. It feels like only a couple of days ago I was turning 23, but I couldn't be happier as we roll into my favourite season, Autumn. After waking up on a rather sad looking Monday, it looks like sweater season is here and ready to stay. I'm excited for a new month to start, leaving the past in the past and so on. I've found a new love for my blog again with more inspiration than ever to write, and I've been super productive in my home life when I can be. I'd like to continue on like this throughout the month and enjoy as many seasonal festivities as possible.


  • Plan blog posts in advance, write down any ideas I get that I want to feature on this blog.
  • My little slice of the internet is in dire need of a re-design. I've had the same look and feel for the past two years and feel like it's time for a change. Here's hoping that happens in the new year.
  • Keep growing out my hair. My bangs are now at the "Why am I doing this" Stage. At least I can hide them with a hat.. Right?.
  • Touch up my liquid eyeliner skills.
  • Drink more water.
  • Relax - As if I'm not doing that enough already.

What are your goals?