Oh hai.
I'm sort of reluctant to write this update since I haven't written on here in so long, but the longer I leave it the harder it'll be to get back in the jist of things; and after going to bed and waking up at a decent time for once, and waking up feeling like an actual person is a pretty good feeling, so why not document it?

Up, dressed, face on, all before mid day!? I've had two coffees and breakfast!? Who is this person and what have you done with Laura?

Asside from feeling shit mentally, I've also been sick physically. I developed a cold around the beginning of November, about a week before I was due to get my flu jab, which is bloody typical because guess what my cold developed into? Yup, thats right, the flu. Thanks body, I guess. Asside feeling sorry for myself for getting the flu, I also developed bacterial conjunctivitis (Apperently this is a thing, if your body already knows you're ill, it just decides to throw more shit at you, which is brill) this was just the icing on top of the shit cake. So whilst battling with some stuff mentally, which I wont go into for your own sanity, I was also battling feeling like shit physically. Ever have those days where you just feel like giving up? That was literally the whole of November for me. Today is the only day I have woken up and not felt like shit. My mind feels clear for once, I don't feel like crap now that my illness is sorting itself out, it's like my body has given me an early Christmas present of sorting itself out. 

Part of me is sort of resenting myself feeling like this - I fear tomorrow I'll wake up and everything will be shit again, but I keep telling myself why fear tomorrow when I can live in the now? I'm alive, I've been productive within my personall life, I'm doing the best I can.

So there's that little update for ya. Also super excited for Christmas, is that sad? Makes a change to be excited for something. 

Here's to more blog posts right?

Toodlepip x