January Feelings

Holy moly, it's the end of January already, a new month, a new start, new days to achieve something, or ultimatly, spend the whole month in bed; I wouldn't put this idea past myself. If I'm honest, I feel like this month has gone way too quickly..

January for me is usually quite miserable, doubting my exsistance, generally feeling like shit after getting the whole 'new year new me' crap into my head, and ultimatly not going through with it, again, but this year has been somewhat different. Sure, I'm not feeling 100% sunshine and rainbows but I met someone amazing, and we finally became 'a thing' at the beginning of January which obviously made the start of my year 99.8% better than it was last year. I wont lie, last year I went into 2017 miserable as fuck, I wasn't happy with myself, the situation I was in, but now, I feel like a totally different person, and I'm okay with this. 

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I want to be more spontanious this year, say yes to more things, not worry about how much it may or may not cost, just have a fuck it year, not care about the consequences (y'know, unless I'll end up in prison, maybe that'll be the limit) do more things that scare me like driving and travelling to over populated areas and eat whatever the fuck I want and not care what people think. Live life on the edge. (If I'm honest, my version of 'live life on the edge' right now, is ordering spicy chicken instead of just normal). 

I guess I'm just rambling here but what I'm trying to say is I'd like to come out of my shell a bit more, I'm 23 and I'm not getting any younger, thinking back to my 16 year old self, I thought by now I would be married and have my own place, etc, but life has a funny way of working stuff out for you in the end, I'll get there, slowly but surely. Here's to more adventures and growing into a (anti) social butterfly!