7 Ways To 'Fake It Till You Make It', As Told By Someone Who Fakes It Most Of The Time

Now, you're probably reading the title of this blog post and thinking "Laura, whatever do you mean 'fake it till you make it?". Confidence. That's what. For as long as I can remember, I've never been the most confident person on planet, there's been days I've barely left the house because of how I felt about myself and what I would think others would think of me, where as now, I couldn't give a rats ass of what others think of me. Sure, I have the occasional down day, who doesn't? But I'm past the point of caring what others think of me, If they have nothing better to do than point out my flaws then fuck them, fuck everyone who makes you feel shit for the bad comments they've made about you even when that person doesn't even know who you are as a person. 

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So Laura, what's with the ranty blog post you ask? Well, I see so many people nowadays slating people for being themselves and bringing people down that on days like that, they could use a pick me up, or what I like to call it, a Fake it till you make it scenario. 

So grab a cuppa, sit your butts down and prepare to read 'cause this maybe a long'n.

Step one - Act like you're confident, even if you don't think you are.

Now, I know this is easier said than done, but with some practice it's doable. Now, the way I do this personally (which is probably going to sound quite a bit sad) is watch your favourite Youtubers and watch the way they act. I'm not saying be like them, far from it, I mean the way they are in general, especially when around other people. Bubbly, happy, carefree and whatnot. Sometimes someone else's confidence can rub off on you. Train your mind to be more happy. Drink more water, take more risks, and eat the fourth piece of fried chicken. Make you happy. 

Step two - Do things you're good at.

Whether is baking a huge three tiered chocolate cake or just being awesome at a specific video game, sometimes doing the things you're good at, or even just reminding yourself of those things can give you a lil' confidence boost until you train yourself to believe it 24/7. You can do the thing! I believe in you!

Step three - Accept compliments.

Do you think your favourite celebrity responds to a compliment with, "Thanks but xxxx could have been better"? No, they probably smile, say "Thank you" and continue on with their day knowing that the compliment given was 100% true. In situations like that, you just got to think to yourself: What would my fav celeb do?

Step four - Body language.

That's right, the way you slump in that chair right there? It's basically another way of saying don't come near me, when really you're dying to get in with that conversation about who did what with a cucumber. So instead of slumping, pull yourself, up, use some body language, smile and make some awkward eye contact whilst also eyeing up the hot guy who you'd like to do some things with a cucumber.

Step five - Relax and switch off.

Treat yourself to some down time when you're having a really not feeling so hot day. Buy a couple of face masks, treat yourself to a takeaway and a bath with your favourite Lush bath bomb and love yourself. Sometimes days like these can lift you spirits in the end, even if it doesn't feel like it to stat with.

Step six - Don't over think it.

Now I know this is easier said than done. I can't count on my fingers anymore about how many times I've over-thought a situation that turned out okay in the end, which it will! The main thing for this is to actually talk to someone about it. Your friend, your mum, your dad, your sister, your brother even your cousin twice removed. Someone will always be there for you. Don't let that little voice in your head go "But they might have their own problems to deal with they don't need mine on top" Becuase that voice is bullshit. Someone will always be there to sit down, text, email, call and talk things through with you.

Step seven - Go DO stuff.

Go outside. Explore. Swim, run, roll, go to the cinema, eat and do whatever you want (within reason). Create a life for yourself where you can look back in so many years and think to yourself "I'm so glad I did that" Instead of "What If". Don't live your life on what ifs live your life the way you want. If you have difficulty in living life the way you want because of whatever reason, find friends to make it easier. Online, in real life, that one guy you sent a letter to who's currently in prison and probably would never actually want to meet in person. Find security in yourself and in your solitude. Be the best you that you can be. 

But most importantly, just do you. Consistently. People will eventually expect you to act as you do, and it won't ever be an issue. 
And if all else fails, listen to Katrina in your undies and sing into your hairbrush like the pop star you really are.