Coffee Time

New year, new Coffee Time, about time I did one of these right? So lets get started for the first Coffee Time of 2018.. (About fucking time)..

Today’s Coffee:

Vanilla flat white. One sugar. What’s new there? If you haven't had one try one, they're delicious. 

What today has consisted of: 
Stayed in bed until noon. Again. Had a bit of a wierd day today. Took mumma bear to the doctors, all is well there, mooched around town for a bit, had a nice coffee, all that jazz. Also ended up having a little panic attack in the middle of Boots which was all but fun. I think the fact I start my new job next week is getting to me more and more, I'm absolutely shitting it.

Things that have made me happy today:
Coffee, food, video games, new shoes.

Things that have made me sad today: 
Promises made that haven't been fullfilled.

 Currently listening to:

Apologies for the short post but I'm just not feeling very chatty today but thought I'd update y'all anyways, have a lovely evening