Not Worth Reading

Oh hai.
So, I'm gonna jump right into it but lately my mental health has taken a little (I say little, lets sugar coat it a bit, shall we? downturn. Recent life events have left me feeling a little broken. I won’t go into those events, that's an entirely different blog post all together for another day, but I just wanted to get what I'm writing here out of my head so it's not in there swirling around for the next few days..

I have no motivation to do anything, which is ridiculous because if anything my life is supposedly going great right now; New job, a horrible ex out of my life and blocked forever, slowly but surely becoming more healthy (ha!). But most days right now when I wake up I sometimes wish I didn't. As awful as that sounds, I find that most of the dreams I have right now are better than my reality, I've written some of them down for future reference (who knows, maybe I could make my weird dreams into something someday) and to see if any of the scenarios in my dreams conflict with reality but nothing, zilch, nada. I feel like my brain knows what's going on and trying to make the best out of a shit situation.

I know there's this whole stigma with people on social media who shouldn't write about their problems online and they should be happy all the time but truth is no one is happy all the time, if they are, I want whatever they're are taking. Life has it's ups and downs and I'm just having a major down moment in my life right now which is ridiculous. I have so much to look forward to; starting a new job, growing my stream, going to events and meeting people, but all that is at the back of my mind. I just feel a little bit broken.

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Like I said before, I just needed to get all this shit written down in front of me rather than swim in my head, personally, I find writing stuff down makes me feel at least 85% better since its out of my head in clear in front of me. Does that make sense? I'll snap out of it soon, I usually do. I just need to sort myself out and get out of this slump. If you find you're going through something similar don't hesitate to contact  me, because no one should go through anything like this alone. Surround yourself with friends, love and positivity. You can do this.

(P.S. Thanks for listening to me ramble, I'm just being a dumb dumb)


  1. This was worth reading, every word :) Although you say you will snap out of it soon, but i want you to know that you have a friend in me whenever you want to talk and want someone to listen. Channelling positivity your way!