The Streamers Guide To Dealing With Trolls

Oh hai. 
Welcome to my version of 'The Streamers Guide To Dealing with Trolls'. I bet you're probably thinking, "Now Laura, what do you know about trolls and negativity and things like that". Sadly, I know quite a bit. More to the point where now whenever someone tries to be a troll in my Twitch chat, I'm just desensitised to it and laugh it off (The latest comment was that I looked like Vicky Pollard, but honestly I don't see a resemblance, maybe that person needs glasses). I'll be honest, I laugh off quite a few troll comments that come my way, it's the best thing to do when you're in that situation. From comments on my weight, to the way I look and how I act, I wouldn't say I've had it all, but I've had the jist of negativity thrown my way, and I thought I'd share ways I deal with it. Before, after and during. 

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Not a right here right now thing but some of the comments and accusations that have been made towards me have made me cry. Alot. Crying can be, in a weird way, therapeutic. Cry over what happened and move on.

They're not attacking you as a person, they're just bored.

Now this doesn't go for every online troll out there but these are some of the people I've dealt with. No one I know personally, or mutually, they've picked me 'just because'. People like this obviously have nothing better to do then ruin someone else's day so just remember the next time someone comes into your chat, online community, etc, the block feature is a wonderful thing.

Laugh at the situation.

A positive attitude can get you through almost anything, and while you can keep yourself from responding to a troll, it's almost impossible to ignore them all together. The best defence, that works for me anyway, is to just have a sense of humour, laugh at their comments along with them. Usually this deters them, seeing that their behaviour hasn't affected your mood at all and will eventually leave or in other cases, getting banned. 


Better yet, ignore the troll comments all together and wait for them to be purged from a moderator. Pretend they don't exist. 

Take some time out.

Self care is the most important thing. It's fairly easy to understand that a troll is the person with the problem in the first place, but that doesn't mean that it's easy to sweep some malicious comments under the carpet. Reach out in ways the trolls can't influence the people you love and your community that comments made aren't true and that you're a wonderful person. The troll is just a troll, not a reflection of you. 

It takes practice but the main goal in all of this is to just stop giving a shit about what other people think - especially those that have nothing useful to offer.