My Body is Broken

I can't seem to catch a break, or more so, my body can't. 
I can count the amount of  chest infections I've had alone this year on both my hands, let alone the problems with my leg. Don't even get me started with the problems with my leg and the way it's effecting me mentally, but; I'm gonna tell you anyway..

About two years ago now, I was happy and on holiday in Ibiza, casually sunbathing, minding my own business, when I felt the weirdest sharp pain go up through my left left. I looked down and saw a sort of red patch forming, kind of like sun burn, so I went to chill in my room and didn't think anything more of it.

And that's where things go more wrong. 
My temperature sky rockets, I'm freezing cold, but boiling to the touch, hallucinating, sickness, you name it, I had it. Looking back now, I wouldn't even wish those symptoms on my worst enemy let alone myself (again). So, my (now ex) boyfriend at the time reluctantly wakes up and takes me to the front desk of the hotel we're staying at so they can call me an ambulance. Nope, no ambulances available, not at 3 in the morning apparently. Just my luck, so they call me a taxi. A taxi. By this time I'm hallucinating more than I had already, I'm trying not to be sick in the back of the taxi so the driver wont be super mad and I just remember thinking over and over "What the hell is my body doing". And then finally, we make it to the hospital, and it was all a blur from there really, I went in thinking I had Sunstroke and came out with Cellulitis and i'll be honest, my leg hasn't been the same since. I get times where I just want to cut it off my body it's that painful and awful to look at, and I know I shouldn't think like that but it was a really traumatic experience for me, being in a country I've never been to before, communicating with doctors via Google translate because we couldn't get a translator, being on a lot of pain killers and antibiotics, and remembering I just want to be home. 

Fast forward to now and I've had nothing but problems with the bloody thing. Non stop swelling, pain and quite a bit of crying. Countless doctors visits and being told that I should just keep my leg elevated, you sort of just give up trying to get it sorted or some sort of diagnosis, y'know? It's like no one believes how much pain I'm in with it so I might as well just dose myself up with pain killers and get on with it, so many others have it worse, so why should I complain?

I've got another Emergency doctors appointment this afternoon and the doctor mentioned something about a blood clot but that could be a worse case scenario and I'll be sent home again to 'elevate' my meat stick. I'll edit this blog post and let you all know later what happens, if anything. Fingers crossed something gets sorted. 
Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness by bertha
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Edit: So it turns out I have Lymphoedema which you can read about more here. But basically it's a chronic condition that causes swelling. I have Secondary Lymphoedema which means damage was caused to the lymphatic system (where my Cellulitis comes in to play, yay) but it also causes me quite a bit of pain. I'm hoping now I know what it is properly I can manage it better but we'll see how things go for now. Thanks for caring about me <3

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