Trying To Be Healthy (Again..)

Oh hai,

So I decided to take control of my health (again). Obviously because of the problems with my leg, I'm going to take it easy on the exercise side of things for now, and hopefully taking up swimming again later. I still have little to no motivation for 'being healthy' because "I'm fat already what difference is it going to make?". But if it means I'll be in less pain with my leg, happier and healthier I'm willing to try literally everything; Whilst I still have the mentality to anyways. 

Any who, for the past few days I've been logging what I eat onto the My fitness pal app, I've done this in the past and it seemed to work for me since I could see what I've been eating, how many calories it had and all that fun stuff but it's harder for me to keep track of everything than I remember. Maybe it's because I'm in such a bad state of mind with all things 'Healthy' but I find it such a struggle sometimes to log everything and stay under my calorie goal (which I've made to be no more than 1,500 calories per day). 
Another struggle I've had is forcing myself to eat breakfast. From someone who's never eaten breakfast before to now eating it everyday my body is sort in what's going on mode.  I'll admit, toast and jam probably isn't the most healthiest of breakfasts, but something is better than nothing for me right now, just while I'm getting used to it at least, and then I can go on to switch it out for something more healthier and less packed with sugar. 

I found I've been sleeping a lot more too. I'm a regular napper, a nap queen if you will. But I'm trying so hard to not nap so I can sleep all through the night rather than go to bed at stupid o'clock and wake up at 6am because I'm I've had a four hour nap, and just being tired and sluggish for the rest of the next day. I'll admit, my new medication makes me RIDICULOUSLY tired, but I needed to find a better time to take them because usually taking them around 7pm makes me shattered for 8pm then i'll sleep all through until 6am which I feel is a stupid amount of sleep. I've decided though to only take this medication every other day from now on, If the sleeping side effect wares off eventually. I don't want to have withdrawals from not taking them. 

Any who, I'm not going to go and throw how much I weigh around here right now but my first goal is to loose 25lbs, then 50lbs, then 7lbs, and I think you get it from there. Ultimatly, I'd love to loose around 100lbs (45kg or 7 stone, however you read it), And that really is a lot of weight but I want this to be a slow process, not a happen all at once then pile the weight back on one. 

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So it's officially on my blog, Laura is trying to be healthy (again). Shall we place bets on how long I'll last this time? Buahaha.

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