5 Ideas For Humorous Birthday Gifts

So it's just gone 11am on a Friday morning and my brain is officially burnt out. All I can think about is how much I want to nap right now, and that seven hours from now i'll be collapsing into bed. However, recent conversations occurring in Discord have left me chucking in my office chair. Asking some of my friends what I should write about, my friend Dom (Who also has a blog and you should totally read it) suggested humorous birthday gifts, and whilst I thought this was a really good idea, the thought of writing about a chocolate penis at work and then having questions brought up about it put me off the idea a bit, so I thought I'd write this little section you're reading now, and write the fun stuff later, sound like a good idea? EDIT: I totally wrote this in work, please don't fire me. 

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Now, with some research and a lot* of effort, here are a five things I consider to be humorous birthday gifts, or gifts for any occasions, why wait for just birthdays? 

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1. Mushions

Now I know what you're thinking, what the heck is a Mushion? Well my friend, a Mushion is a cushion with someone's face on it. My face, your face, even your grandmas face, who wouldn't want of of these. These can be found on Firebox and can be yours for as little as £16 so why don't you treat your best friend to a Mushion of your face, then they can wake up and see how beautiful you are every morning. You can find them here.  

2. I'm a Tw@t mug

Let's face it, everyone likes a good mug, myself included so why not treat your friends, colleagues or even you mum to this funny little mug. (Okay maybe not your boss or your mum but you get the picture.) I found this one on Asos for £5! Steal! 

3. Tiny hands

That's right. Tiny hands. Who doesn't want tiny hands? I know I do, why be appropriate in any situation when you can make it inappropriate? And they can be yours from £5! I found them here

4. F*cking Strong Coffee

For all coffee lovers out there, why sleep when you can have F*cking Strong Coffee?
This powerful blend of Brazilian and Honduran Arabica Coffee is strong, flavorsome and full of dark treacle, cocoa and liquorice undertones. Yum. You can grab this from Firebox for £10 on its own, as a set or even as a Liqueur!

5. Eat a Dick

Literally. I thought I'd save the best for last. Tell someone to Eat a Dick in the nicest way possible, by presenting them with something like this. Why wouldn't you want to? It's tall, dark, and delicious, everything a woman (or man, or whatever you identity as) could want. And the best part? It's not hollow. So grab yours, literally, while you still can from Firebox

I just thought it be a good idea to mention that this is in no way a paid promotion just something I thought I'd do for fun, unless hey, Firebox, wanna send me some stuff to review? My inbox is waiting, heh. 

*Absolutely little to no effort was put into finding these gifts you'd be surprised with the amount of junk I find on the internet but it was still fun.

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