Comfort Food

As if I don't talk about food on here enough already why not take the best topic of all and rant on about that for a bit? What topic do you ask? Why, the joyful world of comfort food of course. Now I am a massive comfort eater, someone upsets me or I'm having a bad mental health day even a little bit and I'm straight to the shops for biscuits (That being said, biscuits is not one of them..) but we all have different food we grab form the shop or cupboard when we're having a bad day, so I thought I'd tell you a couple of mine, because honestly, If I told you all of them, we'd be here for a few weeks.

Not really a food, but I'm counting drinks too, any kind off coffee, latte, macchiato, flat white, are just a few of my favorites but i'll settle for store brought if needs be. Cappuccinos are a big no no. 

Fried Chicken
Because why wouldn't it be? Those of you who know me know that I love fried chicken. I would take a bullet for fried chicken and it's crispy golden deliciousness. 

Strawberry Cables
Because sugar. And strawberry. What more do you want?

Ben and Jerry's in particular, I would happily sit and eat an entire tub of the stuff, feel super bad otherwise then cry because I don't have anymore left. 

Chicken & mushroom slices
I have a thing for more savory foods right now, and although I couldn't sit and eat like more than three of these things in one go, I always seem to be grabbing one when I'm in a low mood. 

The worst one of them all. I've managed to cut all other fizzy drinks besides Coca-cola, I don't know why, I just can't quit it. 

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And those are just a few of my personal favorites. A little more insight into my hectic life if you will. What's your favorite comfort food? Lemme know in the comments!

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