What I do to stay creative

When it comes to any type of creative thing, from writing, to drawing to painting to baking, everyone can reach a wall where they think "Now what?" Doing the same thing can become a little mundane after after a while. It's important to shake things up a bit with the entire creative process, which can be daunting but also really exciting. I thought I'd share some of the things I do to keep my creative juices flowing, I'm not saying you have to do them too, but maybe implement one or two into your creative routine to mix things up a bit and keep your creative brain flowing.

I find keeping a diary and writing in it first thing in the morning can jump start your creativity. Even if its just a sentence, or a reminder it's still something. 

Keep an idea journal with you at all time
Again this could be the diary you write in in the morning or a completely new book to carry with you all together (I found a really cute organised I want but can't justify spending £40 on it, ouch!) when inspiration strikes, record it into your journal whilst your idea is still fresh in your memory.

Use sticky notes
Record thoughts on sticky notes and rearrange these later into flow charts that fit your specific projects. I used to have little watermelon shaped stickies because I'm sad like that.

Make lists
My favorite thing to do is make lists. It's an easy and simple way to get lots of ideas out quickly and I find you write more than you expect once you've started. 

Break your routine
Do something out of the ordinary, go for a walk or for a coffee and a weird time and just people watch. Get your blood pumping, doing the same things over and over can eventual make your mind go dull, breaking that habit can make you do something exciting and new!

Tidy up your Office/Desk/Work space
There's nothing I find more distracting than an untidy desk, an untidy desk is an untidy mind. A clean space will clean your mind and conjure up your creativity. 

It's okay to experiment and try new and scary things. Trying something new with your project can be daunting at first but listen to what your gut tells you and go for something you haven't done before.

I find creating vision boards on sites like Pinterest can help you see and create new and inspiring things.

Like I said before, it can be daunting trying something new but sometimes the best things come out of being nervous about something. What are your ways of keeping creative? Tell me in the comments!

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