Wishlist Wednesday | July 2018

Oh hai
I've recently seen a lot of these types of posts, where people make mini wishlist's of stuff they may or may not want to buy on pay day which I thought was a really good idea, a way to keep track of the stuff you might spend (and hopefully not waste) money on.  So, I thought I'd jump on the band wagon. 

  • Moon Phases Wall Art - (link)
Not necessarily an essential but I've had my eye on this piece of artwork for a while. I've never really owned wall art apart from a few posters here and there over the years, but something about this just makes me love it so much. Maybe a birthday present for the near future? *Hint hint nudge nudge*.

  •  Precisely, My brow Eyebrow Pencil - (link)
One of my go to beauty products is the Benefit Precisely, my brow Eyebrow pencil. Slightly on the pricier side than other make-up brands I've seen but this is my all time favorite brow product to use because it makes me look like I actually have brows rather than non at all. (I use shade 2 if anyone is interested.)  

  • BADgal BANG! Volumising Mascara - (link)
I've yet to try this mascara but I've heard really good reviews about it. I'm currently using the Barry M That's How I Roll Waterproof mascara but I feel like I'm getting little to no product on my lashes at all. I want BIG lashes not lashes that look unkempt. 

  • On Point Precision Eyeliner - (link)
Yet another one of my go to Barry  products, this is the only eyeliner I have used that doesn't seem to melt off of my face or leave an imprint on the top of my eyelids (unless it's really hot).

  • ASOS Curve Ditsy Lace Tea Dress - (link)
I've had my eye on this dress for a while, a little out of my comfort zone with the way the middle is a little see through but I think I could rock this dress, especially with how hot it is in the UK right now.

  • Hello Kitty x ASOS Curve Over sized Tee (link)
Okay but why wouldn't I want this? It's adorable, I plan to get it in a couple of sizes bigger than what I am to use it more as a lounging tee than a going out one. 

I think I did pretty well for my first wish list don't you? 
What have you guys got your eyes on?

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