So as I sit here at my work desk I find little or no motivation to carry on with any of the coursework I'm supposed to be doing. I'll stare at the screen for a few hours hoping something will come to my head but then nothing comes into my mind for me to write. Honestly, I din't think a Business apprenticeship would be so hard, but when it asks me to explain things like 'Tax liabilities' and ask me to explain about every work act under the sun, my brain just goes into full on melt down mode.
Not even a usual melt down, like anxiety ridden, more like the nope I'm not doing this today melt down. 
So I try and sit here to gain motivation to at least write something in my own words that I found on Google but still nothing. It's like my brain doesn't want to work at all. And then I get the "You're so useless you can't do anything" thought in my head, which I know I can, I just have no motivation to. How do I get that motivation back?
Honestly I cannot wait for my upcoming annual leave, I know I've only been here a few months but my brain feels frazzled and I need time to re-charge. 
And a nap.. A nap sounds good right now.