Why I love Blogging

Back in 2015 I decided to open up Just Laura, my blog. My motivation for it was to share stories of my doings, some sorts of reviews and general crap I deemed interesting to write about at the time. My first ever blog post which you can find here was literally me just ranting on about how I'd just opened the blog and what you can expect. I will admit there have been times where my blog has had little to no activity which looking back I really regret. I love writing, it's the only activity I do that keeps me a bit sane, when I can think of something to write about any way, and I see other bloggers with different backgrounds like beauty bloggers, mum bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and I questioned for a while what category I came under and whether I should keep blogging or not, and then I thought, why should I fall under any category? Why can't my blog be a Laura category or me category, I started out writing this blog with myself in mind, why not keep doing so?

And so I am going to keep doing so, and for the few people who do read my blog, and have done over these weird and wonderful three years, thank you. I appreciate you. 

I'm hoping in the upcoming months my blog will have a little more consistency to it in regards to posting but I'm not promising anything, just know that I have quite a few posts in my drafts right now and a few ideas I'd like to write about in the future so keep an eye out for that. In the mean time, just expect random rants and thoughts from myself.
What would you like me to write about? Let me know in the comments and I could make a post about it!

Toodlepip xx

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