Well guess who's been neglecting their blog again.. That's right, it's me, I'm the worst..
Anywho, I have alot to update you guys on since I last wrote on here in August.
I decided to take it upon myself to 'sort myself out' and get some self help so I'm now regularly seeing a therapist and honestly it's done so much good for me. It's hard to accept that you have to see someone because of what's going on inside my head, but once I did it cleared the fog that was flying around on my brain. I feel so much better for it and I've started to keep a journal with all appointments, how I feel and random doodles.

I find that it helps if you have cute stationary to write in (or who knows, maybe that's just me) And my Kiki-k planner which I've linked is literally me in stationary form. If you're looking for something cheap and cheerful Paperchase is just as good but my planner was a little on the pricey side. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get mine for my birthday from my boyfriend and he went and Monogrammed it with my name in rose gold and oh gosh I love it so much. Another thing that happened this month was my birthday, I turned 24 (Oh gosh I'm so old) but really I don't feel any older, and I don't think I look that much older. But I want to actually do something this year, I'm not sure what yet, but I look back on the previous 23 years I've been on the planet and I don't feel like I've accomplished much at all. People who know me will probably say otherwise, but that's just how I feel personally. I want to take more risks and push myself to create more content, whether it be on here, or on Twitch, or anywhere else really, I want to push myself to do more and grab more opportunities that I can use to my advantage and such. Wow, that was deep right? But I guess we can only see where the future takes me and what will happen. 
I also happened to take the week off as holiday from work just so I can recharge and fix my sleeping pattern (which totally didn't happen obviously) And I was actually looking foward to going back today and getting back into 'work mode' but my body had other ideas and gave me food poisoning, which, working in a hospital, isn't ideal. So instead of working, I'm sat feeling sorry for myself and writing out a little update for you guys instead.

How have you spent your Tuesday?