Hello October || BLOGTOBER

How is it October already?
It seems just like yesterday it was the middle of June and I was organizing works Christmas party, now it's 85 days until Christmas, where did all that time go? You blink and suddenly you're 24, still struggling somewhat with finances because of your apprenticeship and spilling water down yourself at work because yes, I am bunking off right now, unless this counts as my lunch break?.. I'm counting it. 

Any who, I thought with the spirit of me writing down goals and never really reaching any of them lets just add some more to the list especially for Blogtober! Sound good?

  • Blogtober - Obviously the main goal is to have a total of 31 posts up during this month. A post a day, doesn't sound like much but if you're a professional napper/procrastinator/excuse maker like I am, something as easy as this can be a little difficult. 
  • Take more photos - And I don't mean selfies. I feel like since life is going by so quickly I want more to remember each memory and look back on them when I'm old and senile. 
  • Carve a pumpkin - As sad as this may seem, i don't ever recall actually carving my own pumpkin for Halloween so it's something I'd like to attempt to do this year. 
I'm going to keep this post short and sweet since we're already three days into Blogtober and I'm already three days late with posting this, but, better late than never right?

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