Productive Things To Do When The Weather Is Crap

It's January, it's cold, the weather is crap and it's the time of year where the weather is cold and miserable and people would rather stay inside and hide under their duvet than venture out into the wet and cold.

It's tempting to be unproductive and sluggish when you know you should be being productive, but how do you ask? Well..

Read a book
You may think this isn't really productive, but it can be! It exercises your mind as well as being an enjoyable activity.

Have a bath
Use that left over bath bomb or fill your bath with half a thing of bubble bath. Self care is important, take the day to pamper yourself and relax.

Try a new recipe
Rainy days can be perfect for trying new things. Head to the kitchen and find some ingredients and get cooking! Don't worry if what you make isn't good, practice makes perfect, and if all turns out good, well that's a plus really isn't it?

Play video games
Going back to keeping the mind active, video games can be a perfect way to escape from the doom and gloom of the rainy weather. Escape into fantasy worlds and fight your way through a zombie apocalypse!

But how? We can't go outside in this! Well, the internet is a magical place. Text someone, Slide into someones DM's, give your mum a call, just let someone know you care about them.