I Found a Lump..

25 January 2019:

Today, whilst I was showering, I noticed I had a lump, about the size of a grape, on my inner right thigh. I've had a pain there for a while now but thought nothing of it and now that I've felt a lump I've obviously presumed the worst. A mixture of emotions went through my head, and whilst I'm a little optimistic that it's probably nothing I've obviously presumed the worst, which I know in any kind of situation, is not the best thing to do
I know it's a weird thing to do, but I thought about it for a little bit and decided I wanted to document this journey to read back on later, like I said, hopefully it's nothing, but if it is something, I want it written down so I can look back on it and either laugh or cry. But I will say this now; do not leave any sort of lumps and bumps that you're worried about alone. Go to your doctor, get it checked out for your own piece of mind, which is what I'm doing later, they won’t think you're wasting their time, or what you may be thinking about it dumb, because it's not, it is literally a doctors/consultants/nurse/healthcare assistant/whoever else’s job to make sure that you are in the best possible health you can be, so don't ever let anyone else let you think otherwise, and if they do, find someone else who will care and believe you, because it's not worth your mental and physical health declining because of that reason. 
I'm going to update this as soon as I get updates on it myself really, I’ll either date it, time it, whatever, but I just wanted my experience of finding a lump I'm actually worried about for the first time. 


I've just phoned my doctors surgery to make an appointment for this afternoon after work, I'm currently waiting for a call back from my doctor to see what they want to do, and it feels like the longest wait for them to call back ever. I know they're busy, and I don't know if I'm the only one that does this, but I literally can't concentrate until I know that the worst is ruled out? Does anyone else get like that?

My doctor called me back ten minutes later, they want to check it out since it's something that's not happened to me before and obviously want to rule but since I'm in work I told them I couldn't go in straight away which they seemed a little bothered about. Luckily, my boss is so lovely and I explained the situation and he said not to worry and to let him know what happens. 


 I managed to eat some breakfast but the thought of Lunch is just dreadful right now. All I can think about it how much more painful the lump is feeling right now and I'm not sure if it's actually feeling painful or if my mind is playing tricks on me. Feeling it though, it's sore to touch and definitely bigger than this morning which is a little worrying. I'm going to try and take a stroll around town before my appointment and take some more painkillers to try and take the edge off a bit since I have thunder thighs which really doesn't help in this circumstance. 
I'm also trying really hard not to Google my symptoms which is 100% the worst thing I could do right now. I've suffered from cysts in the past in a very sensitive area which is one of the most painful things I've EVER experienced and I've experienced them a few times, this one isn't as painful and luckily isn't in that sensitive area but the feel compared to the ones I've had before feels totally different which is why I'm worrying a little more than usual. 
Waiting for this appointment is going to feel like days more than hours. 

03 February 2019:
So, as you can see, I've left it a few days since writing this.
I'll keep you in the loop and let you know what's happened over the past few weeks. The lump was non cancerous, and I can't let you know how relieved I was to hear that. The cyst I had apparently had split into two separate cysts that had become infected which is why I was experiencing bad pain whenever I walked or touched it. Whilst relieved, I was till upset. I've experienced cysts before in my lady bits and I can tell you, that is the second most painful thing I have experienced in my life so far. I don't recommend it, and I’ll be honest with you guys, if you don't need to shave than don’t, because an infected ingrown hair turning into two cysts and getting infected just isn't worth the hassle in the end honestly.

Any who, I've been on antibiotics twice a day since then and the cyst is pretty much gone and the pain is nonexistent which is amazing. I don't know where I'd be without the NHS and with the wonderful doctors and nurses who have helped me since then. I'm so excited to be working for the NHS 'properly' after I've finished my apprenticeship.

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What I'm also trying to say it, if you notice anything abnormal to what you're used to on your body get it checked out by your doctor or health care person as soon as you can, don't leave it, it might be nothing, it might be something, but the peace of mind at the end of it is worth the peace of mind. 

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