Looking up

So what seemed like a pretty shit start to the year is turning into a little bit of a positive one. Did I tell you guys I have a new job? Because I do!
Once I've finished my apprenticeship I've managed to bag myself a job as a core support assistant and it's as fun as it sounds; basically it's supporting people who use the computer systems within the NHS, as well as some adminy parts thrown in, and as nervous as I am to start, I'm excited for this new chapter in my life. 
I'm taking 2019 as a self care year. Focusing on my mental and physical health and not worrying about anyone else but myself. 


I'm also doing that thing where I'm spending money before I have it, do you guys do that? I've already decided I want to do my driving lessons this year, as well as go on holiday, and a few other bits which will be mentioned in another blog post in a few weeks if all goes well. It's not the best thing to do I know, spending money before you have it, but knowing i'll be able to have a social life again after almost three years is really exciting for me. No more "sorry I can't go out I'm skint" and more "Yeah okay let's do it!". You have no idea how exciting it is for me to actually have money in the bank and in savings and not have to worry about how to pay for things anymore. It's just going to be a huge relief and I'm so ready for this. 

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