About me

Hello world! My name is Laura, some of you may know me as Upsidedowngecko, my alter (and better) ego! I'm a 20 something year old from Devon and I really, really, really, really like fried chicken..

After studying ICT in college for three years, and then Game Design and Animation for a year in university I decided to drop all that to focus on more important things in life, mental and physical health, and also just trying to find where I want to be in life, y'know?

I'm a professional procrastinator, if I want something done I'll do it there and then, if it can be done later though.. It probably wont be.. Kind of like how I'll be running this blog, if there's something to write about, i'll write about it, if not, this blog will be pretty much dead. Keep an eye on me though because you never know!

This blog will be mainly focusing around random thoughts, reviews and some adventures along the way, I hope you stick around and join me through everything and nothing.

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